Kastoria, Greece, 11. – 19. 3. 2023

The Female Entrepreneurship Project in Greece was a unique experience that taught us a lot about entrepreneurship, social interactions, and ourself. The first few days were intense sessions focused on meeting other participants, but they were also mixed with activities that efficiently helped us to get to know each other, leading to strong friendships in just one week. This enabled us to better cooperate during the workshops, which provided an interesting view into female entrepreneurship from other cultures and individuals. We learned how to connect our ideas to help each other in our business paths, heard about the lives of women entrepreneurs, and gained insight into how to manage real problems and find good ideas to solve them, among many other things that will contribute to our future success as entrepreneurs.

Activities followed one after another, and every day had something useful to offer. I loved that we were active the whole day as it brought us new experiences. However, we still had limited free time, which would have given us an opportunity to hang out in a more relaxed environment. The accommodation was great, but there was room for improvement, especially with regards to the food and heating.

Despite this, the whole experience was positive, with the best part being the lovely people we met and the workshops where we could express ourselves freely. Overall, the Female Entrepreneurship Project in Greece was an unforgettable experience that taught us valuable lessons that we will carry with us for years to come.

‘’If I had to describe my Erasmus+ experience in Greece with only one word, I’d choose LAYERS. Layers in all their meanings. From not being prepared for the chilled mountain weather, therefore being dressed in everything I brought, looking like a colorful onion, being amazed by the beautiful views every day as the weather changed and the sun moved over the sky, to un-layering my own thoughts. Getting more knowledge about the topic of female entrepreneurship and social sustainability, and befriending people, getting to know their stories, their experiences, their life. Short and sweet. One week of living in a diverse community of international participants and stunning nature; resilient mountains of Greece with the most beautiful view over Kastoria town and the sparkling lake

enriched my life to believe that everything is possible, when we work as a team, listen to one another and learn from one another. When we work hard and play hard; understanding the importance of balance. It was an intensive week of workshops sprinkled with learning about Greece, Spanish, Polish and German culture, their food, sayings and habits. Even though I wasn’t prepared enough for the chilled weather, the connections we built made me warm at heart. And the memories that we made, will keep on shining bright.’’ – Zala