Second day living near to the wonderful Slovenian mountains and I woke up with the sound of people talking about our next mission. We must go hiking and reach the top of one of them. After a short warm up walked all together to our path meeting a beautiful lake on our way there, with me being excited about the fact that I will do my first hiking in this hidden paradise and I think that a lot of people felt that to. The first part of the hiking was really enjoyable for me and except the last few minutes that our path got really challenging and difficult, I was mostly relaxed and concentrated on the road and the nature that you could witness on her purest form. The people around me were also seemed like mostly having their attention on the ground and their every single step. Some of them were struggling more than others and they decided to go back after 2 hours. In the view from the top of the mountain was so great that we felt really thankful for all the effort that we put to reach it. The mountains around us looked even more astonishing from this high and we had some rest there; eating and capturing the moment with our phones. Our way down from the hill was much more dangerous. My slippery shoes didn’t help at all and after few hours we were all really exhausted. When we arrived to our tents in my thoughts there was only food, my sleeping bag and a unique sense of accomplishment. The night ended with our new friends talking around a lovely camp fire under countless stars in the sky and I can claim that I achieved an awesome level of happiness this day.